About Me


My name is Felice de Thornton and I am a native of Yorkshire, more specifically York. Like many from the North, I am friendly and loyal but dangerous  if roused to anger.

I have a strong interest in Calligraphy and Illumination and am always trying to better my skills and techniques. This year I began teaching classes — it has taken a bit but I am starting to get the hang of it.

My background?

I was married twice–my first husband died at sea and the second had the temerity to die on me in his mistress’s bed. Not that I minded so much–he wasn’t really a nice person, you know? That left me a widow and as he had no heirs I kept our home and goods. Leaving me a widow I decided I had enough (and if I’m not in the kingdom, the King would have a much harder time pushing me into another marriage) I took my body, my cats, and most important worldly goods, left my manor in charge of my chatelaine (who happens to be my cousin and quite trustworthy) and instead took to traveling abroad in search of new ideas, new passions and new foods.

I found much to interest me in Bruges and in France (although the french language ties my tongue in knots) and became a silent partner in a Illuminators Workshop. I enjoy the study of the books of hours and treatises that are brought to us and I enjoy reading the great epics as well as adding my hand into their creation.

As a minor noblewoman in the 15th century abroad I live well but not to great excess (except for feasts. I do love food! That was how my last husband fooled me into thinking he was a nice person!). My interests lie in Medieval gardens, Illumination, Calligraphy, Bookbinding and to a much lesser extent, sewing.

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