May 232017

Okay, so I have a new scroll assignment to get done! It’s scheduled to be awarded at AE Academy. So I have a bit of time but this is another scroll type that I am not overly familiar with. The person has a viking persona (although I am not sure at which part of the viking time period it is). So I’ve been looking around at examples and ideas of what was around in that block of time.

I’ve got the book of kells the lindesfarne gospels, and the Psalter from Scotland (I can’t remember the name of it right now) and of course, runes.

I know I can do any of them but frankly, the one I’m most interested in is the runic one. Granted there were few examples of runic manuscripts, that they mostly ended up on rocks and stones rather than vellum or parchment.

Yeah, I want to do a runic scroll anyway. This however presents the issue that I do not know the runes of the period (I know there’s younger futhark and elder futhark) but I don’t know if I write it as a transliteration or if there are words that I should know in one of those alphabets.(I think I can call them an alphabet?)

SO that’s where I am right now. I think I am going to have to ask my Laurel about the best way for me to attack this.

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