May 192017

I’ve got a scroll to do so that it can be delivered in time for War Practice (5/20).¬† Antoinette suggested that I could try my hand at the bibbia Borso d’Este (bible). I had been wanting to try that (but hadn’t had a reason to until then) as she had a recipient who would be perfect for the time and location of the illumination.

So I’m working on it. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass because it just is.

My first lay out I decided to do on a large piece of Perg that I had been gifted. That ran into some problems (predominantly that I used the wrong pencil on it (I used an HB and I needed to use an 6 or 8H to avoid smearage. So it smeared. And then, well, the cat water fountain  went a bit wonky and the whole thing got splashed.

I gave up on that one and tried laying it out on some other paper that I had. The layout ended up being slightly out of square and unbalanced so that one got trashed as well. Suffice to say I did 3 more layout before I got one that met my requirements.

There was a problem though. I needed to use the Rotunda hand to do the calligraphy for it. I haven’t written Rotunda before and I was having a hard time learning it (my hands kept going back to Batarde movements and letters! D’oh!).

I did get the calligraphy done and then I began fleshing out the rough sketches I’d done on it. I was having a hard time because both of my wrists were killing me. (one was healing fractures and the other was still sprained). So I had to stop frequently to shake and massage them.

It was getting uncomfortably close to the deadline when I finished it. I was very lucky that one of the Shire members was going to War Practice and could see that it got dropped off to their majesties / herald in charge etc.

So let’s hope that the recipient will like it (and will be there at court to get it!!)


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