Aug 272017

Yes, I’m getting the itch again to try to do another page out of it/them. There’s something about the combination of styles and colors and of course, shiny, jewels and pearls in a trompe l’oeil/squashed bug setting that I find intriguing and interesting. The last time I tried doing these were a few years ago (if I remember correctly it was the 3rd scroll blank I had ever done?)

Anyway today while researching images for an award scroll I found this link to Christie’s auction house catalogue.

Here’s a link to the digitized manuscript on the British Library’s website. [Add MS 35313] (note that this one is somewhat different variation, being called the ‘London Rothschild Hours’ or the ‘Hours of Joanna I of Castile’.)

the pisser is that I have yet to find a way to print out a whole page and not miss the details. *sigh*


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