Spring AEthelmearc AEcademy and War College

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Jun 182017

Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to make enough tokens for the event. It’s my own fault for being so tired and not spending enough pre-prep time working on them. That said, the people who did get one seemed to like them well enough (they were small blue leather bound books with inspirational sayings inside them). Give me some time and I’ll do a post about them, I probably should since I never keep track of the tokens I’ve done and would hate to repeat make a token idea, you know?

Anyway,Yep, I survived AEcademy and my second stint of teaching.

It was a busy event with lots going on (and I was so happy to see many friends present). I was down to teach two classes — the Gouache 101 class and the Cloth Button making class.

I don’t feel like I did as well this time with the 101 class. I got some good critiquing from the students (mainly about my handout) and in general this group of students all seemed a lot more familiar with gouache than the first group I’d taught. I need to try to think of some other things I can add in to discuss if that happens again. I want people to come out of the class feeling like they’ve really taken away something with them.

The button making class was a qualified success. I’d made some little kits with some pre cut squares of fabric, some needles, a bit of beeswax to use on the thread and of course forgot my handout at home. Well, not that anyone really needs a hand out to do it. It’s super simple. Some of the students were surprised at how well the buttons stuffed themselves, and how different in size they could be depending on the fabric used (I put 3 or 4 different kinds of fabric squares in each baggie).

The class was scheduled for an hour but I’d gone over it all in a little less than 15 minutes. Talk about me feeling awkward. Yep. That’s me. I tried to answer any questions and then basically told everyone that was it–it really was as simple as 1,2,3 to make the buttons.

I had a leather class that I’d been looking forward to the whole time since it had been put on the class list–I got in it, and about 10 minutes in I had a migraine start coming on. I excused myself and went to find a quiet place. I’d taken all the meds for it that I dared and I was really just flat. Everyone else were good sports about me not being able to help with teardown and clean up, and that I went home. It was a rough day for me, physically and emotionally as I had hoped so much that Jasper would be home by then and make it to the event with me. He didn’t and yes my heart broke a little because of that. Dorky I know. But he’s been gone for 5 months and it’s very hard on me. I miss him. Even if I don’t blog much about that side of things (that’s what FB is for, right?)I can’t wait for him to get home.


Finding my compass in the SCA

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Mar 042017

You know, the very first time I went to an SCA meeting it was an arts & sciences meeting. THis was, oh, 22 or 23 years ago. It was my first time trying to pick up a calligraphy pen and to do my first attempted illumination.  What I remember most about that meeting was being told that I had no talent for it, and I should probably try some other art.

That had pretty much punctured my ego (and let’s be honest here, I haven’t got much of one of those for various reasons). So I left that meeting and never went back. I found a bunch of fencers and felt so much more at home and accepted.  I fell out of the SCA after a year or two of fencing and that was it.

I came back to the SCA in 2012-13 when we moved to Auburn, and found the Shire of Angels Keep. A friendlier group you couldn’t ask for and it was a good mesh for me.  It took me a long while to decide to try my hand at calligraphy and illumination. I still had the snark from years ago ringing in my ears.  I found it to be such a completely different experience that I really wish that it had been like this way back then.

Now, 20+ years later I am back in the SCA and thinking back to my first experiences, and thinking about how important it is to handle newbies to your art or science with consideration, tact and care.

I’m going to be teaching my first class at Pen vs. Sword 5. Gouache 101.  I’m anxious about it, I’ve never taught anything and I really don’t feel like I am all that knowledgeable. But I’m willing to give it a try. At the worst the people will ask me questions and I’ll freeze up or totally forget what to say.

My real hope though, is that by teaching this class I can encourage people who might not otherwise want to try or feel confident enough to try their hands at illumination. I want to make it as low-stress for them as possible so I’ve made a booklet with a lot of basic information in it, and a kit that includes 2 brushes, some gouache, a mixing palette, and some sample pieces for them to practice on.

I haven’t done a dry run, but I think that at this point for me to teach it–I have to just share what I already know. That’s the only way I can think  about doing it that won’t make me be a blubbering basket case 😉 I need to share the love I have of the art and the enthusiasm I feel for it.

Anyway,  we’ll see how it goes. No matter how I think of it, it’s gotta be better than my first go round.

Pax Interruptus: Fun and games and scrollery

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Jul 192016

Jasper and I managed to make it to Pax this year (unlike last year when the car tires caused problems and we had to turn around and head back home).  We both had a great time.

He got to do archery and stuff (which makes him happy) and I got to sit and talk with some really good and special people. Renn, that’s you 😉 I hadn’t attended Pax before and while it was fun the site itself has some issues –but those didn’t impact my fun so it’s all good.

I was really glad when King Byron and Queen Ariella held court. I got the warm fuzzies to see not one–but two of my scrolls handed out!

That was my first attempt at a viking scroll and I wanted to tie in some of her interests.  I did the illumination, calligraphy and wordsmithing for it. The second scroll was one I had done a while back based on the Hours of Anne of Brittany.

She was getting it as a backlog scroll–I did the illumination and Master Jonathan Blaecstan did the calligraphy 😀

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