Making garb again…

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Sep 112017

Jasper has reminded me that not only do I need to get my scroll assignment done, but I also need to work on a set of new garb for him to wear to the October events. I don’t have enough time this morning to work on it (since I need to pin him in one place to do the draping (I also need to find the muslin I have..somewhere…)
He wants a fuller cotehardie than what he has at present, and I need to make him a cloak as well so he doesn’t freeze. I really do need to call about getting an eye exam since my glasses are really getting bad. *sigh* I just feel like that’s an extra bit of effort that I don’t want to have to deal with at the moment (the eye exam crap etc.)

So I guess I’m going to be busier than normal this week! 😉

Ice Dragon 2017….Not in the cards for me this year

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Mar 302017

Speaking candidly, I had hoped that Jasper would be home from the UK in time to go and make the trip with me so we could see what the event was like. It’s the kind I know we’d both love to attend because there’s so many examples of things people are working on, and how they did it and just coolness like that.

Unfortunately, Jasper’s still away and it’s too long a ride for me to do on my own considering how knackered I get when I drive long distances. And I wouldn’t want to have to turn around and drive right back home after it either. So yeah. That was a no-go. I do hope that we can make it next year — I hear so many different things about it that just attending would be an adventure.

Still some of my friends are going and I’ll live vicariously through their posts and the stories they bring back with them (gee, kind of like Pennsic LOL).

it’s not always what I’m saying that mattters.

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Mar 122017

I know I’ve tried to minimize my discussion of my mental health on the blog. Partly because I feel like its whining (and worse, it’s whining about something that I don’t have a good fix for, so whining it pointless). But sometimes I really need to get it off my chest and whine anyway.

I hate being so clumsy that I can fall down and break my bones. Or fall down and whack various body parts. I think some of this is due to the many medications I am on, the majority of them to treat my depression.

To Treat is the key phrase. It doesn’t cure me, and they sure as hell don’t make me feel happy. They make life a few notches above unbearable–go OD or do some cutting now, Felice. Now. Now. Now.

Which is good, I guess. I mean it works well enough to keep me from being so selfish as to kill myself and leave everyone else behind.

Oh but there are days, weeks that sometimes I feel a hairtrigger away from doing just that. Times when it feels so pointless for me schlog on and on through what feels like an endless tunnel of pain, grief, self pity, and hopelessness.

I mean, I could blog about it more often, but who’d want to read about that crap? People really just want to hear about the good stuff going on, and you get colored a bummer and a downer otherwise. I mean, not that it matters. I’ve had this blog for like, what, 3 or 4 years now, and I’ve never gotten any comments at all.

Site tokens: a project

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Feb 282016

Earlier in the year I volunteered to make the site tokens for out upcoming event (april 30th) for Pen vs Sword IV. I made them last year for the Kingdom A&S Champions event and they went over well although the cost of them came completely out of my pocket because, as per usual I didn’t save my receipts so I couldn’t get reimbursed. Oh well. I’m going to try to keep the receipts this time around but I’m not holding my breath. 😛 I’m disorganized sometimes when I get into creative mode, you know?

Anyway, the tokens looked like this:

They were cute and they had some charm to them so they went over ok. They cost 14 bucks total out of my pocket (not including time) to make them. I don’t think that was an unreasonable cost, and so I was willing to take on doing the ones for the upcoming Pen vs. Sword IV. I had a slightly different idea.

I figured it would be groovy if I could do an illumination of sorts and make it into a token some how.

Now, I hear two things about tokens from people going to events and what they say on farcebook.  1)Tokens don’t matter.  Or  2) “Yeah, they’re okay but they take up space, I have boxes full of them, I don’t really need any more of them etc.”

I had one person tell me “I usually throw them out after the event.” .

Wow, that made me take a step back.  Because you see, that’s as far from what I think about tokens as you could get. Don’t get me wrong, I admit that some of them are…lacking. But that doesn’t mean that all tokens bust be that way. I think of them more along the lines of pilgrim badges. Because after all, isn’t going to an event a kind of pilgrimage? And in our attempts to relive the middle ages as they should have been, surely things like that should be of some importance or interest.

But I’m coming to this with a new eye. I have been to very few events (I think I can count 7 or 8 of them since I re-joined in 2013?) I think tokens should be that little bit of magic that makes you remember the good things at the even it was from –be it the people, the food, the fighting–whathaveyou.

So I’ve started working on the site token today. I’m going to run with it and see how it goes. If it goes tits up then I’ll try to do something else but something that is still interesting and hopefully will want to inspire people to keep them. 😉

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