Did you say Crullers? oh, wait…Crispenettes?

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Mar 272016

Right, We’re not talking about tasty donuts…we’re talking about hair-thingies that I could wear on my head when in 15th century garb! I don’t know whqat it is about that that made them seem so appealing to me (the crispinettes–not the crullers–since french crullers are super tasty). But I keep seeing photos online of women wearing them with cotehardies and looking pretty spiffy. I figured, okay, let’s see what would really go into making a pair for me to wear.

After doing some internet research, and consulting a few books in the library (on theatrical costumes rather than actual historical clothing) I decided I’d just start somewhere and run with it and see where I ended up (rather than going the whole “think it through” thing. I’m not sure if that was a good or a bad decision.

Anyhow, I decided to take my false hair I bought last year (yes, I’ve been planning on making these for a while. It’s only just now that I decided to sit my rump down and do it.)

I got the hair off the peg I had it hung on, grabbed a scrap of wool fabric (given to me by the very lovely and kind Lady Abigail Kelhoge) and cut the wool into 2 circles (randomly sized by using the top of a yogurt lid(the big yogurt tub, not the individual serving ones).

Then I did a running stitch along the outsides of each of them and ended up with 2 “puffs” of black wool. I took the 1st braid of hair (after I’d bought it last year at Sally’s (it’s kanekalon which is rather hideous but perfect for this particular application) for 1.99 a pack (2 packs = 2 large thick braids. 🙂

Then I stuffed the end of the first braid into the “puff” and began to loosely sew it to the wool puff-base. I realized pretty quickly that I was going to have to find a way to keep the hair in place while sewing it down. The best I could come up with was using some quilting pins (extra long) to try to pin it in place while I worked it around. It worked ok but I think if I make them again at a later date I will try some other method.

Note: I didn’t use standard sewing thread–I used embroidery thread (like they use for tatting) which was black so as to blend in with the  wool and the fake hair. That part worked out pretty well.

Now, I’m trying to figure out the best way to treat the backsides of them and how I am eventually going to attach them to my head! I’ll keep you updated as I work.

I have an idea for my A&S Faire entry

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Feb 252016

I wanted to take on board a challenge given to me at the Delftwood Peace Tourney. What that entailed was that I should try to make some of my scrolls as close to their original size & dimensions. (I have been working large on 11×14 paper so I figured there was a prod to do something I hadn’t–work in small.

That’s A little ironic when you consider that I make miniatures(collectibles) in my non SCA life.
Anyway, I ran across a prayer book with trompe l’oeil all over the place and it looked (to my eyes) a bit half assed. *shows what I know!* However, I had to eat those sentiments when I found out the size of the book and the pages inside. Ye-ah. There’s working in small and then there is working in miniature.

This MS is miniature AFAIAC. The area of illumination and text is a mere 65 x 100mm. in imperial that’s 2.36 x 3.93 inches. That’s right. It’s smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall.
I’m going to give it my best shot though. I expect that I’ll need to do a couple trial runs on it before I end up with something I’m happy about. But that’s usually the case anyway so no biggie.

ok so here’s one verso & recto from the book: (I am going to shamelessly mix and match elements from the different pages to get a composition that I like.) 😛

King's 9 ff. 58v-59

I need according to Master Fridrikr between 3 to 5 pieces of my work to display. That means I need busy and get my ass into gear and tidy up my work area / cat landing pad.

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