Garb…must make garb….Fencing garb too?

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Feb 142016

So here I am thinking about garb for the spring and summer events. And what I have that will be comfy…

Currently my wardrobe consists of the following:

    • 1 teal short-sleeved button down cotehardie. It’s made of a wool/cotton blend and is a nice color for me. It’s comfortable and has great “swish” factor because I made the gores on it extra wide. (I’m a sucker for swish!)

    • 1 navy blue long sleeved front lacing cotehardie (made to wear under the short-sleeved in fall/winter)


    • 1 ultramarine blue long sleeved button down cotehardie. It’s made of light weight linen and is great for summer, mid-late spring and indoor events with a temperature around 67 degrees or higher.

felice-harvest-raids 2

    • 1 black sideless surcote (very heavy wool)
    • The Red dress of frustration got gifted to Amber, for her to use at any events she might go to. It suits her coloring perfectly so I’m glad to be done with it.

So that leaves me with a grand total of 3 gowns. That almost balances out at 1 per year. I’d like to make some more, and a new veil out of lighter weight linen (my veil feels very heavy when it is on my head).

Hmm, I do have that teal one I made for Kingdom Champs –but it was such a rush job–I’m not sure how well it looks by itself…I guess I’ll have to pull it out and take a look. I didn’t have the chance to make the front closures (lacing or buttons) so I had to be sewn into it for the event. I definitely don’t want to have to do that again so I’ll get it out and see how it works and if it’s good enough it’ll get buttons. If not then it’ll get laces and be relegated to permanent under-dress status.

Now, as far as fabric on hand goes I don’t have much.

What I’ve got is:

  • Offcuts and scraps from the teal and navy blue gowns.
  • Some tan colored fabric that is a wool/cotton blend but it doesn’t do anything for me and Jasper doesn’t care for it won’t wear it. I dunno. Maybe I’ll try dyeing it at some point?
  • About 5 yards of a silk twill but it’s a very pale periwinkle/lavender blue and it doesn’t look good with either of our complexions. I guess it will end up lining something…someday.
  • 4 yards of navy blue medium weight linen. (I’m thinking of using this to make Jasper another cote)
  • 2.5 yards of some natural colored/buff linen (again, probably use it for linings)
  • I do have a beautiful blue wool (100%)that I have been saving forever because I didn’t feel competent enough as a seamstress to use it in a way that respected the fabric. Now I’m more practiced I could probably use it to make a cotehardie with buttons. Maybe. But I’d like to make it after I lose some of the poundage I put on in the last 5 months.

And on top of all that, I need to commit to a style of fencing armor that I like and make it for myself. I got the schlager, got the mask (am waiting on the gorget to be returned after the fit is corrected) so now all I need to get started is armor. I have fabric put aside for that.

Of course I’m working at a slight disadvantage. I’ve gained back 30 pounds–which remarkably enough all my sca garb does still fit me ok.   I guess I should really work on fencing armor/garb so I can start doing it. But it all kind of feels overwhelming right now, you know?

A fencing I will go…

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Aug 272015

I’m committing to taking up fencing.

I never really thought this day would come but the closer I get to doing it the more excited I feel. Excited. Yeah. Like the kind of excitement when I was a kid counting down days to my birthday or winter vacation.

I have bartered for the fabric to make fencing armor and now I need to source a mask, gorget and oh yeah, a schlager. Heh. Making the armor and getting the equipment means that I am locked into it because I can’t condone wasting fabric or money.

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