A Shoot in the Wildwood

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Sep 032017

This past weekend Jasper and I managed to go to the event. I have to say that for me, it turned out to be the nicest Wildwood event that I have gone to in the past few years. Everyone seemed extra friendly, I got to talk with scribes from all over and of course, I got Jasper to another event (which every event I can get him to makes me happy).

We both got some books from one of the merchants. I got an embroidery book (I was looking for but couldn’t ever find at a decent price for a non-sca project). A book on miniature portraits from the Met’s collection and a very nice book on medieval jewelry. Jasper also bought me a handthrown ceramic cup with some interesting browns and tans on it that made me think of tree bark. It is the perfect size for my hand and holds just under 12 fl oz.

I was dizzy / off balance a bit more than normal but I’m going to put that down to the meds and the heat (I thought the weather report was supposed to be in the low 60’s so I wore my blue wool cotehardie and the teal wool one over it. I was a dork –I spent probably 2/3 or so of the day roasting before I figured d’uh-that I could take off my blue cotehardie and just wear the teal one with my chemise sleeves showing. Once I did that I felt a lot better.

Both courts were interesting to watch (and trying to answer Jasper’s questions about awards that I didn’t know about went on through the day. I loved the fact that he retained for his Majesty, and got to get out there and interact with folks on his own instead of with me there as a buffer. He’s shy and I’m so proud of him for how he handled saturday!

Anyway, it was all good, and it was great to see one of my scrolls handed out at the evening court! Amalie (peri) got a Millrind and I did my best to personalize it for her. I am not the best at drawing or painting animals, but I wanted her little dog o there, and the thrown weapons target, and of course, a windmill to symbolize her being part of the Barony of Delftwood.

It was a great day all around although both Jasper and I basically flopped down and went to sleep after that. ZZzzzzzz

Harvest Raids!

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Sep 272015

We’re finally back from Harvest Raids/Coronation! It was a great event!  A perfect one to get Jasper to experience his first weekend-long event, and even cooler to see him shocked in getting called up in the court *eg*  He was so not expecting that! Nor was he expecting to be given an award! My love is now a Companion of the Sycamore! How ace is he! 😀 😀 😀


It was a lovely site, the people were by and large friendly and the weather was wonderful. The courts were interesting — fab to see Ben Martin elevated to MOL and to listen to the emotion in his voice as he spoke to the crown and all attendees. We watched the heavy bouts, talked with their graces Timothy B. Taylor & Gabrielle Taylor and made new friends and found both inspiration and a sense of belonging.

The feast was amazing–it was all candle lit, and the atmosphere was magical and fantastic. I <3 <3 <3 the candle light feast idea! It does so much to dispel the feeling of mundania and edge you toward feeling more in period.<3 We had great tablemates and learned about 14th century(?) mongols and fermented mare’s milk (along with her modern recreation of it). What more can you ask for, really? 🙂

I am glad to be home now and am going to bed. I am running a sleep deficit.

A fencing I will go…

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Aug 272015

I’m committing to taking up fencing.

I never really thought this day would come but the closer I get to doing it the more excited I feel. Excited. Yeah. Like the kind of excitement when I was a kid counting down days to my birthday or winter vacation.

I have bartered for the fabric to make fencing armor and now I need to source a mask, gorget and oh yeah, a schlager. Heh. Making the armor and getting the equipment means that I am locked into it because I can’t condone wasting fabric or money.

Prepping for Pax 2015…I’m starting to panic….

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Jun 182015

I’m doing my best to get garb made for me and Jasper. Pax is coming up shortly (June 26-28). It’s an important event for a couple of reasons– 1) it’s a weekend / camping event. I haveb’t been to one in decades and Jasper hasn’t been to one–ever. I think the most fun and magical times I have had in the SCA were when I was at an overnight event. and 3) Secret!
Soooo…how am I doing on getting us ready?
Reservations made? Check!
Camping reserved & paid for? Check!
Jasper’s Garb made & ready to go? Um, no…not quite….The cotehardie is made and fits him well. But there are a bazillion buttons and buttonholes to be put on it (I think there are something like 25 buttons on each sleeve and something like 48 buttons down the front. There are so many buttons….all made by my needle stabbed hands 😉
My garb made and ready to go? No. Definitely not.Lots of buttons on that too, as well as needing hemming and tweaks on the fit.

I really have to hustle otherwise Jasper will have to go in his viking garb (which is too tight across the chest) and I’ll have to wear wool and be hot. Eeeew. Even if I stay up all night after we get there I gotta get it all done! I must!

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