I got a Scribal Assignment :D

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May 192017

I’ve got a scroll to do so that it can be delivered in time for War Practice (5/20).Β  Antoinette suggested that I could try my hand at the bibbia Borso d’Este (bible). I had been wanting to try that (but hadn’t had a reason to until then) as she had a recipient who would be perfect for the time and location of the illumination.

So I’m working on it. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass because it just is.

My first lay out I decided to do on a large piece of Perg that I had been gifted. That ran into some problems (predominantly that I used the wrong pencil on it (I used an HB and I needed to use an 6 or 8H to avoid smearage. So it smeared. And then, well, the cat water fountainΒ  went a bit wonky and the whole thing got splashed.

I gave up on that one and tried laying it out on some other paper that I had. The layout ended up being slightly out of square and unbalanced so that one got trashed as well. Suffice to say I did 3 more layout before I got one that met my requirements.

There was a problem though. I needed to use the Rotunda hand to do the calligraphy for it. I haven’t written Rotunda before and I was having a hard time learning it (my hands kept going back to Batarde movements and letters! D’oh!).

I did get the calligraphy done and then I began fleshing out the rough sketches I’d done on it. I was having a hard time because both of my wrists were killing me. (one was healing fractures and the other was still sprained). So I had to stop frequently to shake and massage them.

It was getting uncomfortably close to the deadline when I finished it. I was very lucky that one of the Shire members was going to War Practice and could see that it got dropped off to their majesties / herald in charge etc.

So let’s hope that the recipient will like it (and will be there at court to get it!!)


Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins: Event Recap

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Feb 062016

It was Jasper and mine first time attending The Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins. It was pretty nifty although again we got off to a late start (and got even later because we took a wrong turn in Syracuse and ended up having to backtrack and guess the rest of our way there. We agreed that this year we will buy a GPS!

It was Roman themed and there were a lot of people there which was good (and bad). I had a difficult time feeling comfortable because out of the large # of folks I only “knew” a few. I mean there’s visually recognizing people and then there’s sit-down and talk people. One of them was Honnoria. She’s one of the most humorous and interesting people who were there. She’s seen and critiqued some of my scribal work which is cool since she is very constructive about it. I adore her pottery work (and am jealous that she can do pottery. I want a kiln and clay and a wheel and ….) πŸ˜‰ She and I chatted a bit and I swapped cups with her (one of my german pottery cups for a lovely little greenish blue cup.) So that was nice (Jasper was shocked at my method of initiating the cup trade LOL πŸ˜‰ I just took hers and handed her mine πŸ˜€

The sideboard was nice, lots of veg and fruit and some meat. Jasper and I ate and wandered around, visited with our Friends Henryk & Moniczka who were merchanting on the middle level. (the site had three levels).

Because we were late we missed morning (baronial court) and that was a bummer because I didn’t get to see the scroll I’d illuminated for Svana being awarded. Yes, I really wanted to see her face, but oh well. She told me later that she really liked it and that is the important thing!

We made it in time for afternoon court and got to see some good people awarded for their efforts. Most of them I didn’t have a clue about but some of them I did and it made my heart glad to see them praised and awarded. πŸ™‚

There was fencing going on and I felt a bit guilty because I still need to get my gorget taken care of and get on the ball making my armor (so I can start). Yeah. I know. I know…

For dinner we had decided to stay for the feast although I was worried that Jasper wasn’t going to like the food (Since he is an uber picky eater) but no worries he ate and was happy so it was good. Lots of yummy things on the menu including meat, honeyed dates *the first time I’ve ever had a date that actually tasted nice! Wow!*

Our table for feast consisted of Us, Someone of far eastern descent whose name I didn’t catch), Hrolfr Fjarfell, Elska Fjarfell, Simon (Fjarfell) and a gentleman who sat next to me who I must admit in all honesty I knew nothing about. What can I say? Didn’t I mention the whole social problem I have? Yeah. Moniczka and Henyrk were supposed to join us but unfortunately Henryk wasn’t feeling very good and they left before feast πŸ™ So I was worried that dinner was going to be difficult–sitting at a table with people we didn’t really know, that kind of thing. But it ended up being a really stellar night. We got to talk about a lot of things that were interesting, learned more about Elska & Hrolfr and it was just really good!

Anyway after all that fun we got out to the car and happily found our way home in one shot. That was good and it was nice to get home.

Still tackling my first scrolls…

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Oct 142015

So far I am realizing that my scrolls are a learning experience. I think it was for the best that I chose to try to work on 3 of them simultaneously because it allows be to go from one to another when I start getting irritated, overwhelmed or feeling like a loser. πŸ™

I’m finished inking two of them (the third, based on the visuals I have to hand are not outlined) and have got to start laying in some color–some bars & whitework on one, and the dreaded acanthus leaves, some flowers etc on the other.

Scroll #3 is the most difficult one for me, because it involves larger areas of color and I am afraid they may look splotchy/ or just crappy in general.

That said, despite allllllllll the frustration I had with drawing it and sketching #3 it is kind of OK looking to me. Jasper says I am being too hard on myself and to remember these are the first scrolls I have ever done. I know that is true, but I also know that there are standards and I don’t want to be the bottom of the barrel that someone has to scrape up, y’know?

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