Oct 222017

A few folks on FB wanted to get an electronic copy of the handouts for the Whitework 101 class that I taught this weekend at Heralds and Scribes in the Shire of angels Keep here in Aethelmearc.

Gmail didn’t want to move around files they felt were too large. So  I’m going make use of my generally neglected blog and pop them in this post and hopefully it’ll just take the loading time and you right or left clicking (can never remember which) and download them. Here’s hoping this works!) Please be patient while you wait.

Here’s a picture of Pusheen  to keep you company!


Whitework 101: It’s not as scary as it looks



Small Bar Worksheets



Versal Circles

Okey dokei I think I’ve got them all up there. Please comment if you download them or have comments. Just be gentle since this is the first class on the subject by me. Please just be patient on the wait. I have a slow server…I think it might be Medieval. 😉

Whitework, whitework….Do yawanna learn some whitework?

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Sep 062017

So the Autocrat’s second (Monickza) asked me to consider teaching a class at Heralds and Scribes in October….

I hadn’t really thought about it (because well, heralds and scribes is bound to have a bunch of classes I’ll want to attend!!)but I figured why not? It’s a local event (held by my shire and I like to support it however I can.

With that in mind, I have taught Gouache 101 twice now, and I would like to teach something else for a change. Which brings me to think about what skills I have that I could possibly share with folks in a classroom setting–that I would feel comfortable with doing.

I thought about it a bit, bounced it off some of my fellow scribes and even though I’m not a superduper, virtual master whitework artist (not yet anyway. Someday though, maybe), I think I know enough and feel comfortable enough to do a whitework-for-beginners class.

Of course, I don’t have any materials /research for it, but I’ve started looking online as well as in my small scribal library (of real, tangible books!) 🙂
I’m thinking to do a handout like I did for the Gouache for beginners class (that way there’s a take home reference handout/ and some practical application. And practice pieces for students. I always like that kind of thing when I am taking a how-to class. I think doing something while learning about it helps it to stick in the brain better. (That’s my thought on it anyway. I am not a psychiatrist, neuroscientist or anyone else who would be authorized to make that claim as a fact rather than my opinion) 😉

So Now I’m thinking about formatting, amount of time needed and what I want to focus on. I think it’ll be fun once I figure out a plan.

Spring AEthelmearc AEcademy and War College

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Jun 182017

Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to make enough tokens for the event. It’s my own fault for being so tired and not spending enough pre-prep time working on them. That said, the people who did get one seemed to like them well enough (they were small blue leather bound books with inspirational sayings inside them). Give me some time and I’ll do a post about them, I probably should since I never keep track of the tokens I’ve done and would hate to repeat make a token idea, you know?

Anyway,Yep, I survived AEcademy and my second stint of teaching.

It was a busy event with lots going on (and I was so happy to see many friends present). I was down to teach two classes — the Gouache 101 class and the Cloth Button making class.

I don’t feel like I did as well this time with the 101 class. I got some good critiquing from the students (mainly about my handout) and in general this group of students all seemed a lot more familiar with gouache than the first group I’d taught. I need to try to think of some other things I can add in to discuss if that happens again. I want people to come out of the class feeling like they’ve really taken away something with them.

The button making class was a qualified success. I’d made some little kits with some pre cut squares of fabric, some needles, a bit of beeswax to use on the thread and of course forgot my handout at home. Well, not that anyone really needs a hand out to do it. It’s super simple. Some of the students were surprised at how well the buttons stuffed themselves, and how different in size they could be depending on the fabric used (I put 3 or 4 different kinds of fabric squares in each baggie).

The class was scheduled for an hour but I’d gone over it all in a little less than 15 minutes. Talk about me feeling awkward. Yep. That’s me. I tried to answer any questions and then basically told everyone that was it–it really was as simple as 1,2,3 to make the buttons.

I had a leather class that I’d been looking forward to the whole time since it had been put on the class list–I got in it, and about 10 minutes in I had a migraine start coming on. I excused myself and went to find a quiet place. I’d taken all the meds for it that I dared and I was really just flat. Everyone else were good sports about me not being able to help with teardown and clean up, and that I went home. It was a rough day for me, physically and emotionally as I had hoped so much that Jasper would be home by then and make it to the event with me. He didn’t and yes my heart broke a little because of that. Dorky I know. But he’s been gone for 5 months and it’s very hard on me. I miss him. Even if I don’t blog much about that side of things (that’s what FB is for, right?)I can’t wait for him to get home.


Pen vs. Sword 5: my first time teaching!

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Mar 262017

So once more it was time for the Shire’s annual event of Pen vs.Sword (V).
The event went well, we had lots of great classes and my Gouache 101 class seemed to go over pretty well. I had one or two questions that I stumbled on, but other than that itwas Ok. The students all had a chance to play with the gouache and stuff without there being any pressure being put on them.

What I did learn from this experience though, is that I need more than an hour to teach a class like that. Maybe 1+1/2 I don’t know if it needs a full 2 hours or not. I felt bad that the students didn’t have more time in class to experiment with the gouache and stuff. So, I’m going to volunteer to teach it again and I’ll make sure I ask for an hour and a half. At least we can get a little further along with that, I think.

Over all I had a great class–all the students were interested and I tried to make sure that I gave everyone help if they needed it. I walked around a lot and tried really hard not to keep going “ummm,” and “uh…” ;P

I was nervous about the event because it was the first time I was going to be teaching a class. Most of the day is a blur, but I taught my Beginners class Gouache 101. I thought I might have an anxiety attack but with my meds helping me I got through it which is great!

I had made sure that I was prepared to teach–I had handouts that I made with the basic info on gouache and using it, and a small kit which included 2 paint brushes and small containers of all the basic colors I think you need to have to use it in the SCA for scrolls). The kit also included pre-painted cards(I’ll admit I did quite a few the night before the event) 😉 for them to paint whitework on, and some for flowers.

I tried to make everyone feel comfortable and to share that thing I learned–which is it’s only gouache.Using it doesn’t have to be a scary, or momentous thing (I shared how I had had a really difficult time actually putting my brush to paper after I had sketched out my first scroll blanks…Because I wasn’t familiar with gouache, and was afraid it’d wreck my work.)

As a side note I made the tokens for PVS5– small pieces of perg that had text on them and had blue wax seals on them. (At some point I’ll update this post with photos of one of them, and of the gouache kits.)

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