I feel so disconnected

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Apr 102017

While Jasper’s gone things haven’t been going very well. I’m more fatigued and it is difficult for me to feel positive about pretty much anything. I am thankful beyond measure for my cats, which are always the last line of defense against me doing something stupid and impulsive. But when it take more effort than you can muster to walk across the room to get something, or brushing your hair becomes something that feels so pointless because you, the house and whatever else is all grubby or messy or just consisting of piles upon piles of stuff. Stuff. So far this year I have spent more days in bed/sleeping/ feeling too tired or just rotten to care than I have in my entire life. All in all I think between March and now I think it would add up to about 25 days. The only things that made me leave were that fact the cats needed food and kitty litter.

Working on scrolls for Kingdom A&S Champs….

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Oct 152015

Am I being superstitious if I don’t want to officially enter my 2 (incomplete) scroll blanks for A&S champs, because I haven’t finished them and I’m afraid something will go terminally wrong with them by the 31st leaving me with nothing to enter?

Yeah. I am.
But I hate committing to things like this if I am unsure of the outcome of my work, you know? I certainly don’t want to enter pieces of crap–so do I risk all of them? Or just play it safe and enter one?

Come on, you knew I’d say screw being safe aim for all three (didn’t you?)

Making a scribal commitment

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Sep 052015

I guess if I want to do the A&S Champs thing in October I probably should try to 1) finish what I started and 2) Start what I really wanted to work on. I need to light a fire under my ass and get to it. Why is starting and committing so hard?

If I aim to get 3 scrolls done then I can at least be guaranteed that one of them should be good enough to enter. It’ll be my first competition and my first scroll…and if 2 out of 3 come out good then that’s cake, and if 3 out of 3 come out good then I am going to fall over in shock LOL.

Wish me luck! 🙂

The black kirtle…can I fix it?

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Jun 132015

A while back I tried cobbling together a black kirtle from the black linen I had. It was very fine linen (very) and I had hoped it would work. I followed my previous cotehardie pattern exactly (I think) but somehow along the way something got changed or done wrong and the sleeve/ armscye was too tight and binding.

I got it out today and picked all the stitching out to remove the sleeve. I put on my supportive kirtle (the one I wear with cotes) and put the now sleeveless dress back on.
Yep. There was a problem.

Somehow the armscye was too high (don’t know what I did or was thinking when I cut the pieces) and I figured if I cut it lower that might help (but I was worried about the hole then being too large for the sleeves (but that didn’t end up a problem–and it did explain why I was pleating fabric at the sleeve cap when I hadn’t had to do that before).

So now it’s useable to an extent. I don’t like it enough to ever let it be an over dress but it’s ok for an under-dress (the sleeves are a bit too short but I don’t think that’s a huge issue).

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