And because sometimes I like to push myself…

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Sep 012017

I decided that I was going to do 10 scroll blanks to give to Antoinette, the Kingdom signet when I saw her at Wildwood (which coincidentally was when I needed to deliver the scroll I did for Amalie’s Millrind).

Yea it was crazy bonkers to do that, I know. And I didn’t have any real reason to do it other than to see if I could do it. You know what I mean? Everyone keeps telling me I’m going to burn out if I’m not careful…but I think I’m a good enough judge of when I’m skirting that line. Isn’t that why I have other non-scadian hobbies, after all? (you know, writing, playing with dolls, making miniatures etc.) Yea. It is.

But I do realize everyone is telling me this stuff with my best interests at heart. I know it.

But sometimes I feel like I’m getting push back from family & friends for trying to test myself and my limits. I want to do things and then I do them. I’m an adult (well, my age says that more than my brain or attitude) and can do what I want.

Why do C&I?

Because it’s way waaaay waaaay easier than sewing new garb (If I’m going to burn out doing something it’s gonna be making garb for myself and Jasper because inbetween bouts of sewing and pattern draping I forget the process completely and have to start from square one every time. THAT is what makes me throw things in a pile and walk away.

Annnnnnnnnnnyway, I thought I’d share both Amalie’s scroll and the blanks I managed to get done for Wildwood. I’m proud of Amalie’s scroll.

The Scroll blanks are just OK. Some of them look better than others and Jasper deserves some credit as he kept me from throwing out the ones that I thought were naff.

Here they are:

We’ll see how they go over when I turn them in tomorrow!

The Rothschild Prayerbook

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Aug 272017

Yes, I’m getting the itch again to try to do another page out of it/them. There’s something about the combination of styles and colors and of course, shiny, jewels and pearls in a trompe l’oeil/squashed bug setting that I find intriguing and interesting. The last time I tried doing these were a few years ago (if I remember correctly it was the 3rd scroll blank I had ever done?)

Anyway today while researching images for an award scroll I found this link to Christie’s auction house catalogue.

Here’s a link to the digitized manuscript on the British Library’s website. [Add MS 35313] (note that this one is somewhat different variation, being called the ‘London Rothschild Hours’ or the ‘Hours of Joanna I of Castile’.)

the pisser is that I have yet to find a way to print out a whole page and not miss the details. *sigh*


Working on a scroll for Pennsic

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Jul 192017

I got an assignment from the Kingdom Signet Antoinette for a scroll for Pennsic. I had plenty of time to work on it, and thought that this time I would both do a squashed bug/tromp l’oeil style (based on the grand hours of Anne of Brittany), and I’d try to do it on Perg which up until now hasn’t been playing nice with me.

I’m pleased to say it came out fairly well. I must have pounced the Perg properly this time because it was like magic.

Here it is: (It’s on an 8.5×11 piece of Perg with one inch borders on all sides for matting)

I am not quite happy with the color of the background, I was aiming for something with less of a red tone, but in a pinch it’ll do. I’m really happy about how the poppy flowers turned out. 🙂

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